Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What we're up to

I am currently feeling a bit of shock, as it's been a whole month since we got back and I am still working on getting some Beijing stuff up.  While I start on that, just wanted to let you know that we have found a place for the next few months as well as some temporary work for both of us.

I've been feeling a tad overwhelmed, trying to balance working (it's been a while!), moving, and job/soul searching.  But things feel a bit more balanced this week, and I feel a little more on top of things and truly, life is good.

While I get some Beijing stuff together (we have some good stories!), here are a few links:

Danny Ponomar is a Lethbridge based photographer with some beautiful landscapes.  I love the way he plays with light.

- Global Drums is this weekend, and it is always really cool

- Sunrise Berry Farms is where I am working for a few more days, and their pies are delicious!  The site has some great recipes too.

- Speaking of great recipes, with lots of step by step photos, The Pioneer Woman always makes me hungry.

- And a little treat for your heart, the t.ruffle girls are a sweet surprise everyday

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