Monday, March 14, 2011

Sydney, part 2

Another sunny day found us at Manly Beach, a famous Sydney surf beach. The ferry ride over there was beautiful. The beach was also lovely, but our boogie board rental was cut short over fear of the jellyfish. I really do not like those guys. We also hit up Manly Oceanworld, where we saw some cool fish and a turtle. We also got to see people diving with the sharks in the aquarium tunnel which was neat. Wouldn’t have paid much to get in there though (it was part of our pass). A nice swim on the non-jelly fish harbour side, finished up the day for us on that side. Back in the downtown, we went down to Pitt Street, which I think was our favourite place in Sydney, oddly enough. It’s basically an outdoor walk way for a mall, but all kinds of buskers go there, so there is lots of entertainment. An amazing improv duet was a real highlight. So much talent.

Ready to hit the waves (p.s. look how tan I am was!)
a blowfish on the beach
The coral reef we did not see in Cairns

Saturday morning we went to Sydney Wildlife World, which was like a zoo, but with mostly animals from Australia. I was not expecting much, as we chose this zoo only because it was included on our 4 attractions pass and it had koalas. However it was actually really interesting and relaxed. Throughout our whole trip, I kept thinking it would be nice if there would be adult only attractions for things like zoos and aquariums. I would pay a little extra sometimes! Now I know they are made for kids, so I completely understand that there are kids and lots of them at places like the aquarium, but I want to see the coral reef too! Anyways, tangent over, we got to the zoo early enough that it was pretty quiet which made it a much more pleasant experience. There was a very interesting, rather nasty display of creepy crawlers. We also saw a gigantic crocodile, and some lazy kangaroos which were pretty neat, but by far my favourite was the koala bears! Ohh they were cute and so cuddly looking. I was rather proud as I had found a coupon to pet the koalas and get a picture with them for free ($15 value). Yes, I was a deal finder that day! I have always loved koalas, I think because I had a cute stuffed one when I was little from one of dad’s friends from Australia. After seeing them, I realized that could be a life list item for me, so I promptly added it and checked it right off.

so cute!!
There was a big Lego exhibit going on

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Rita said...

I love your comment "I realized that could be a life list item for me, so I promptly added it and checked it right off". What a wonderful perspective, Ger. To savor the moment, consider the present a gift, etc. Good on you, miss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Geralis,
I so enjoy reading your posts! The info is interesting, and you give it such a nice perspective. Love the humor and originality, and for sharing it!
Hope you and Andrew are well, settling in to your new place, and a new "normal."
Take good care!

Andrew + Geralis said...

Thanks, things are good here, starting to get back to regular, whatever that is. Glad you enjoy the posts!

Andrew + Geralis said...

And Mom, I like to see my life list as a growing thing, almost a collection of highlights. So if something fits, I put it on! A way of keeping track of things that stand out to me, that I've done or yet to do. And I like to call it a "life list" rather than a "bucket list", seems like a better perspective to me. The koalas felt like I was remembering something I had previously loved, which was kind of cool to be reminded like that of how much interest I had in them before.