Thursday, March 3, 2011


A nice short post to balance yesterdays overflow!

Picture of Escalator, London Underground - Free Pictures -

I am afraid of escalators.  They are scary machines that want to eat your feet and drag you down into the bowels of the building by the shoelaces.

Andrew is not afraid of escalators.  He persists in sliding, not stepping off as is recommended.  Even in sandals, which is when the real danger is.  Although this is a large risk to limb and toes, he always pesters me to join in his reckless ways.  I stand by my feet though and step off very carefully, being careful not to get anywhere near the dreaded edge thing.

Where do you stand?  Are escalators waiting to snap up your tootsies or are they a fun ride at the mall?

P.S. Not as dangerous seeming, but weird feeling: slanted people movers.  A cross between an escalator and a moving sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

funny - I don't like escalators either. I remember as a kid there was one in Lethbridge - in the old Eatons store, I think. I remember forgetting once that I was on one, and just about falling on my face when suddenly the floor grabbed my feet at the end. I've watched for the end carefully ever since, trying not to show my hesitation.

Anonymous said...

I hate escalators too Ger! Especially getting on downward ones. It once took me almost a full minute or two to work up the confidence to go down the very long, very high escalator at the Bay Mall. A security guard walked by and I know he probably thought I was NUTS! But they freak me out!

Andrew & Geralis said...

I think it must be more common than we think. I just try to be very careful at the end, and no loose shoelaces!