Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ger's bag

I thought it might be interesting to take a peek at what I brought.  I packed too much, but overall am fairly happy with how I did.  Pack light, much lighter than you think you should!  

overall: Doing it again, I would bring 5 plain tanks, 3 nicer tanks, 4 nicer t-shirts, 1 long sleeve

white tank: bring
white, brown, black lace camis: leave white at home
purple & grey camis: bring
pink tank top with sparkles: wore a ton
brown and blue patterned tank: bring
green tank: leave at home, gets too wrinkly
purple patterened tank: bring, wore a lot
black tank: leave at home

purple shirt: leave at home, but good for going on planes with leggings as it was long
blue shirt: bring
green shirt: bring
grey with flowers: leave at home, too delicate
black v-neck nice shirt: bring
white with lace bib: bring, love it
black t-shirt: leave at home
striped: leave at home
green long sleeve: bring
white dress shirt: never worn, leave at home

Overall: bring runners, flip flops and flats next time

Runners - bring
Sandals - leave at home, handy but not comfy enough for much walking
Rubber flip flops - bring, good for walking and showering
Gold flats - bring, although I wore them right out, they did not come home
Grey flats - leave at home, were sweaty and did not really need two sets of flats

overall: bring two pairs of shorts (one that is good for hiking), one pair of jeans, two skirts, dress pants, leggings

white plaid shorts: keep, but get something a little longer and better for hiking
jean shorts: keep, love those babies, wore them tons
jean skirt: leave at home
jeans (two): only bring one pair, they are heavy
sweats: leave at home, just wear leggings (not pictured)
white capris: leave at home, but bring different capris
knee length grey plaid shorts: leave at home
white skirt: keep
black skirt: keep!
black dress pants (not pictured): keep if you are planning to work in an office type place
(Andrew brought khakis and they did him well)

Overall: bring three dresses, one nicer, two casual (one of which can be used as a swim coverup)

Blue flowered: could have left at home, hard to wash, but I love it so
Orange & grey dots: a workhorse, probably my most worn item.  Good for warm days, add leggings and a sweater and it's good for chilly ones and planes too (basically like wearing pajamas)
Black: leave at home
Brown flowered: toss up, good as it looks nice and easy to clean
Reddish dress: good for going to the beach but not used a ton
Blue swim cover: leave at home, use something that can also be a dress instead

Other stuff:
Red raincoat: bring for sure
Black sweater: the one I could have left, but didn't really regret bringing either
Blueish cardigan: bring, matched (kindof anyways) both black and brown
Yellow hoodie: bring, love that thing but it needs to be retired soon
Blue cardigan: nice pop of colour but not really needed
Hat: bring, cute and sun cover
Scarf: toss up, used some, mostly in Beijing and on flights, but not much other than that

leave it all at home, even though it's pretty! 


Rita said...

interesting, Ger! Great post.

Andrew + Geralis said...

Glad you liked, I know I thought it was interesting, but wasn't sure if anyone else would.