Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being back

Thought it might be interesting to just talk about what it's like being back in Canada.  Maybe we'll do this as a list:

1. It is cold here.  Umm yeah, not much to say there.  When I look at the weather in Auckland, I weep a little inside.

2.  It is nice to have a car again, but every so often I panic and have to figure out if I am on the right side of the road.  This usually happens on one ways.  It's not a nice feeling, especially when you've never been good at remembering which way is right and which is left.  However, I have only actually driven on the wrong side once, in Vauxhall, so that doesn't count.

3.  It's lovely to live somewhere with flour, and sugar, and salt and pepper.  We never got around to getting that stuff in Auckland, so it's nice to have it back.

4.  We got back just in time for Roll up the Rim.  Now if only we would win!

5.  Seeing our family and friends again almost makes the cold worth it.  I think.

(weeps for Auckland sun)

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