Monday, April 18, 2011

The End

Leaving for me was really a mixed emotion.  We had been looking forward to this trip so long, and were heading home into the unknown.  Still though, excited to see everyone and start figuring things out.  Andrew was excited, he is always ready to move forward.  I am more sentimental, and always take a peek back.

Ready to fly
Ladies out there, I have a confession.  I wore leggings as pants a few times on the plane.  Now in this picture I do have my long sweater on, but I got hot so I took it off and I still walked around.  And another time, I just wore a shirt with leggings.  It was a long shirt, but only a shirt.  However, it was the best travel outfit for mixing comfort and style (I do not fly in yoga pants - I do not do much in yoga pants except yoga and sitting on my couch).   But I thought I should confess my fashion faux pas.

The beautiful Beijing airport - best one of the trip by far!

In Calgary, the bitter end ;)

Just a reminder of how far we've come:
Not that far, but a ways!

Thanks for reading, I hope to still write regularly.

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