Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beijing - Wangfujing Night Market

The evening of our first day, we went to the Wangfujing (say it just like it's spelled) night market.  Favourite part of Beijing, hands down.  Just so fun!  Cheap, delicious foods, on a stick!, great vendors, and full of atmosphere.   We were always full in Beijing, but not too full to try the next yummy thing on a stick.

Things we did not eat

I had a dream that I was getting some of these candy coated strawberries the other night, so sad when I woke up!  They were delicious.  Deep fried bananas were also amazing.

You could get basically anything on a stick there.  There were even ducklings, wings and all on sticks that you could buy and eat.  I wish we had a picture, I could not handle it!  Also, tarantulas, scorpions, seahorse, starfish, you name it, it was probably there.
I ate a snake for a snack that day.  Very chewy.


Packed, but so fun
Beef, lamb and pork on a stick - everything is better when served on a stick 
We loved Wangfujing so much that we went back there our last evening.  Not that you could tell though, seeing as we wore the same thing every day in China (not much selection of warm clothes in our bags!).

Wangfujing was located in a good shopping district where we got some winter coats.  I managed to score mine for about $16 Canadian (a little small, but I am taller and longer armed than the average Beijinger).  Shopping in China was so great!

One negative about China was the toilets.  Though not as bad as some countries, they were different.  Squatty potties were vary common, and the septic system could not handle toilet paper so it was disposed of in the garbage can.  In many places, you had to get your TP outside the stall and bring it in- this was a quick learning curve!  However I would like to point out a great feat of mine: I spent 3.5 days in China and never had to use a squatty potty! 

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