Friday, April 15, 2011

Beijing - In the morning

This was from a different day, but I wanted to post it.
The street of our hostel on the Festival of Lanterns morning = full
When we left Beijing, we flew out late afternoon, so were able to get up early to go see the flag raising in Tienanmen Square.  This was pretty cool and pretty cold.  We weren't there early enough to be in the square, so had to stand across the road, and watch in between traffic light cycles.  Wasn't bad though.

I loved seeing the older men on bikes and tried really hard to get a good shot.  This is as close as I got
The city comes to life

I noticed this little boy posing in front of the picture of Mao so his mom could take a picture and he was so so cute.  A few minutes later, they came and stood by us and I could not help saying "ni hao" (hi) to him.  We had an awkward conversation in Mandarin and English, and he got shy and and went back to his mom.  A few minutes later, they came up to me, and wanted to take a picture!  It was the coolest little thing, I was so pumped!  And that is why you should put on makeup, even when going places at (literally) the crack of dawn.

I really like this photo, but I need to crop Andrew's nose out of it!

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