Friday, February 4, 2011

South: Glass-ier

After Milford, and dealing with a dead battery in the car, we had a huge day of driving ahead of us. We drove ten hours over to the West Coast. Our destination was Franz Josef glacier. We had wanted to stop on the way and see Mt. Cook, but again it rained all day, so that was not an option. Mt. Cook, you elude us! But we have better mountains in Alberta anyways, so there!

Franz Josef town was small, our hostel was not the greatest, and it was pouring. This equals a few grumpy travellers. Andrew and I went and saw the glow-worms out in the forest (you may remember we saw them in caves too). I really think they are neat. Can’t explain it!

The next day poured even harder. Excellent! We did not go see the glaciers. This may sound sad, but we would have been drenched within ten minutes. Walking to the i-Desk, we got absolutely soaked, and that was probably 5 minutes. We did some bookings and then watched movies and hung out the rest of the day. Kind of sad that we went to the glacier town, and didn’t see the glaciers up close, but oh well, we have glaciers in Alberta too. I actually have no pictures from that town!

Also, it is really annoying when people pronounce glay-cher as glass-ier. Urg. Not right!

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