Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So everyone, we are back in Canada, safe and sound.  We got back here last Friday, Feb 18th, and have been enjoying being back.  It's been pretty busy, and we are full on job searching.

Anyways, we're sure you've all heard about the earthquake in Christchurch.  In case you forgot, while we were in Christchurch there was an aftershock, but it was nothing like this.  I can't stop reading the news, it sounds just awful.   I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been, and still is.  We are sure that the entire country is just reeling.  The cathedral where we spent Christmas Eve, and really the centre of the city has partially collapsed, and it is just surreal to think that we were there, and now the whole city is destroyed.  Please keep these kiwis in your prayers, I'm sure it's been a tough few days.  Christchurch was a beautiful city and one of the highlights of the trip.  Right now there are over 70 confirmed dead, and many more still missing.  This is huge for such a small country like New Zealand.  The hostel we were in was a minute walk from the cathedral, so I am sure there was damage there too.  I just grieve for those people who can no longer feel safe in their homes, who have come through one destructive earthquake and started to rebuild, to be faced with an even harder hit.

Our picture
Now.  Our hostel was on the left edge (where the trees and cars are, not the cranes), making a right angle with the buildings shown

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As well, the continuing crisis in the Middle East is also so sad.  Praying for peace and resolution there too.

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