Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(Not Really) South: Totally Taupo

I had been wanting to go to Taupo since we had taken the bus down to Wellington. Oh right, I never posted that, so you wouldn’t know. One day soon! We’ll just get through the South and then get caught up on everything else. 

Anyways, Taupo is a beautiful lake in the middle of the North Island. Erin and Jen dropped us off, and we settled into our hotel. Though not the nicest place, we had a great view of the lake – just spectacular. The first night we made a trip to Burgerfuel – yum yum. This is a chain that needs to come to Canada.

A sweet McDonald's
The next day was spent walking around town and lounging by the lake. Yes a very hard life. Our last bit of holidays before we got back on the phones, we had to enjoy it!

The next day we hiked out to Huka Falls, before meeting our bus. These falls were not very steep (not like the ‘tallest waterfall near a road’ or anything), but the water was a beautiful foamy blue. So pretty, worth the trip. However when we first started the hike, we noticed people were carrying towels and wearing their swim suits. Ten minutes in, we saw the first nice swimming area on the river. And then the next, and the next. We were pretty jealous of everyone else, should have brought our stuff! After teh hike we went back to the lake for a quick dip before popping onto the bus. At this point both iPods were dead, and all the books had been read, so it was a bit of a long trip.
Not even close to the true colour
It felt so good to be back in Auckland, we had missed our home town. Wonderful Auckland, where we have a washer and dryer and our good old library and we know the street names. Home again, home again.

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