Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I don’t remember if I have mentioned it here, but Andrew and I found jobs. As phone fundraisers, hooray! We started mid-Dec, worked for a whole long week, attended the Christmas party, and then had three weeks off for Christmas. Yes that’s right, we took a break from holidays for a whole week – a tough life. We apologize!

Anyways in this convenient break, we decided to head southward to the island we had heard so much about. Erin and Jen arrived just in time to join us, so they had a few days off of travelling, and then we packed up and headed off.

First thing was to pick up our car. Us girls thought it was kind of cute, but I think Andrew may have been relieved he couldn’t drive – he may have been a little embarrassed! Now I just want to establish that it was called the “Honey B”, not the “Jucy Pee” or any other variations (Jucy is the company we rented from). Anyways, we were nice and cozy!

Our little car

The drive down was pretty smooth, we went a different way than Andrew and I had gone before, and it was really beautiful. We stayed the night in Wellington and showed the girls a bit of the city, as well as enjoying our first L&P soda – world famous in New Zealand. The next morning saw us on the ferry bright and early. It was very beautiful but also cold so we spent most of the time inside.

Leaving Wellington

Arriving on the South

After we landed, we headed through Picton (whose name kind of creeped us out – Robert Picton), to Nelson. Starting off flat, filled with wineries, the land quickly rose into steep mountains. It was misty and rainy out, which was a bit discouraging as we had planned to conquer the Abel Tasman hike the next morning. We made a couple changes to our plans, as one route was dependent on the tide, and all the rain could make it difficult.

The night ended with a shared tub of ice cream, and a bit more trip planning. A good day!

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