Wednesday, January 26, 2011

South: Chocoholic

Before we went to Dunedin, we stopped at the Moreaki boulders.  These are big round rocks, just sitting on the beach.  Very cool!  They are apparently formed in the cliffs along the beach, and then the dirt around them is washed away.

On a very rainy day we got into Dunedin. Now Dunedin is a cool place because: 1. There is free wi-fi, and 2. They have a chocolate factory. Wonderful combination.

The chocolate factory was partly closed because of the Christmas holidays. We were still able to do a shortened tour which was fun. We learned a lot about chocolate, sampled a lot of chocolate (including little cups of liquid chocolate - yum), and saw a ton of chocolate get poured into a container right in front of us.

Dunedin had a bunch of cool old buildings and their train station was gorgeous. Wish we had more time to explore. We did a quick round through their art gallery as well.
Thank you Vanna!

I also drove us up and down the steepest street in the world. It was steep. The rain gave us a good excuse to drive not walk. It would have gotten our bums in good shape though.
Steeper than it looks
Andrew and I also watched 'The Tourist'. It was good, not fantastic but a good movie. They give tons of leg room in their theatres and you book your seats ahead which means people come in through the first bit of the movie which gets annoying.

The next day was sunny and clear which was so wonderful after a couple days of rain. So good to see the sun. We drove out around the Otago peninsula which was one of the nicest drives we've had. We caught a glimpse of the really expensive castle and took about a hundred more sheep pics. Lovely. A must do. We love sheep.
Just beautiful
With our bellies and cameras full we headed off to Wanaka.

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