Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Good Weekend

A break in the South trip series

Saturday Andrew and I could not decide what to do. We had planned to go to the beach, but took a bit to get going and then found out the bus was quite pricey. So then we did some internet stuff at the library, but I wanted to do something fun. It was Saturday after all. We ended up making our way over to the Auckland Domain, which is a large park in the center of the city. It was perfect park day weather, so we got our sunnies and jandals and headed over.

There were about 5 cricket matches going on in the park. A few people have told us that cricket is like watching paint dry, but there seems to be plenty of people who like to play it here. I really do not understand cricket, I think I need to read a book about it or something. Whatever, it made for some good sun tanning time. Andrew is getting closer to unlocking the mysteries of the sport though. We are really sad we are missing rugby season, especially the World Cup, which is being held here in September.

After that we wandered to another part, had some deep intellectual conversations and then were distracted by an entire extended family attempting to get something out of a tree. I am not kidding, they probably tried off and on for about an hour. What they had in quantity, they lacked in quality though. Gently shaking the branches and lobbing a soccer ball at it were not working - try overhand! It felt like if Andrew headed over there, he would get it down in a minute, as they were lacking the forcefulness needed. However, there were about eight parents involved, so that felt like it might be a bit presumptuous. We left to get gouged when buying a hot dog and ice cream; I think they gave up!

My sneaky iPod picture

Sunday we decided that instead of paying money for the bus, we’d rather pay money for the ferry to get to the beach. It was another gorgeous day, so we packed up and headed over. I had been wanting to hit up Devonport (old Auckland suburb) so it was perfect. It was really cute and relaxed. We walked up a big hill and got a nice view of the city skyline and then hit the beach. When we got there, the water was really shallow, just over our knees for a long ways in. We finally just gave up and swam in the shallow water. However, an hour later, we could swim a whole lot closer. Tides are so funny. Although we tried to be diligent with the sunscreen, we got a tad red.

When we got back, we had to hit the grocery store. There is nothing worse than a grocery store when you are sandy and hot and thirsty. We made it out okay, all the way to the bus stop, where Andrew leaned over to set down the one bag. BAMMO, the milk jug falls out of his backpack and smacks the ground, spraying the leg of a poor guy waiting for the bus. He looked a little shell shocked and we apologized profusely. During this time, the milk is glugging all over the sidewalk. I reorganized the groceries and we put the carton in a bag, so now we have a grocery bag of milk. Needless to say, it did not make it home with us, and Andrew ran back for another jug, while I sat by an enormous puddle of milk. Nice. A bad end to a great weekend!

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