Monday, September 5, 2011

Two years and one day ago...

Our second wedding anniversary was this weekend.  I really don't know what to say; it's flown!  And at the same time, it feels like it's been like this forever.  Our first two years have been a little different than expected.  It's been a lot: school, surgery, saving, travelling (tried to think of an "s" word, but came up short!) and again, school and settling in.  What a trip it has been!

I always thought during those first four months of unending school work, long group meetings about Bombardier and quick morning trips to Calgary that did not involve the mall, that once we were past this part, then things would be normal, and different.  Life was good, but it wasn't quite what I expected being a newlywed.  It was supposed to be a lot more fun!  And all these other things were just getting in the way.   But once those four months passed, the next started, and I was not allowed to lift a milk jug, and was spending too much time watching HGTV.  Then that phase ended, and I began to see that no matter what we were doing, there was always the opportunity to wait for something to pass, or the chance to appreciate where we were right now.  I think that is a choice, not necessarily something to do with marriage, but something I found through marriage. 

So cheers to today, and my favourite husband!

Grow old with me, for the best is yet to come...
...although right now is pretty good too.
(Robert Browning + Geralis Enns)

One of my very, very favourite bloggers happened to get married the same weekend we did, and wrote a nice post about weddings.  It took me right back to our day, which was lovely.  Enjoy!

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