Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long live the King!

I've had the chance to go up to the Kingsland Market in Calgary twice now and wanted to share some of the goodies I've discovered.

Early morning drive

Both days started with a yummy pastry (after a very early morning and long drive) from Le Creperie.  When Andrew came he had, and I quote "the best breakfast wrap ever" from the Urban Bistro.  When I went back with Erin, he asked me to have one for him but the pastry won out.  I asked if he would like me to bring one back, but we decided it just wouldn't be the same.

I am not very good at venturing out, so for lunch had a highly recommended crepe that did not disappoint.  The first time, I meant to get a savoury crepe (it was lunch after all) but got sidetracked by the chocolate, strawberries and bananas.  Oops.  Delicious, although I would say that the chocolate got in the way of the flavour of the yummy crepe, and that's saying something!  On round two, I had a delicious basil and such good cheese crepe and it was fabulous.

Erin and I split some of the best gelato we've had (and we've been to Italy - although it was awhile ago so our taste buds might not remember clearly) from the Glowing Hearts Coffee Company.  Indian Chai and Raspberry Lime, I wish I could eat it all day.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for gelati!
The market was full of delicious looking produce and I was also able to sample the sushi and Thai food.  There is a really nice mix of vendors, a plethora of ready to eat foods, lots of samples and SHOCKER, the musicians are not horrible.  That's my kind of market!

Macarons! - this picture really does not capture the cuteness

I can't forget to mention the delicious pies that were the reason for the trip...

What a yummy place!

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Anonymous said...

All right - now I really would like to head up there to take in a Saturday market!! Thanks for sharing.