Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few bits...

Yesterday we did something I’ve never done before, and would be fine not doing again: Grocery shopping without shoes! My cousin told us people did it all the time, and in the parking lot we noticed a whole family not wearing shoes. Andrew managed to convince me that we had to try it, so the shoes came off, and in we went. I kept feeling like we were going to get in trouble, but no one said anything, even a few employees that walked right past us. I felt like people were looking at me, but Andrew said they weren’t so who knows!

My verdict: One time thing, as it seems really gross, I feel weird, and the floor is really cold on your feet especially in the refrigerated areas.

Andrew’s verdict: Nope wouldn’t do it again.

These last few days, we have been driving(!) (well, Andrew has been driving) around a bit. It is definitely an adjustment for him, not only with the whole other side of the road thing, but the entire layout of the car. There have been a few windshield wiper mishaps, but he is quick to learn. We decided to rent a car to meet someone Andrew knows, to hopefully get some insight, and to check out a few other cities. So far, Auckland is still our fav and we are looking for a longer term place to stay.

(Side note: We saw a car with a dog hanging its head out the passenger window, and for a minute we both thought the dog was driving! I wish we could show you, but you will just have to imagine it)

Anyways, back to the house hunt. It is actually kind of frustrating so hopefully we will be patient.

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