Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bula means hello in Fijian, and we learned that very quickly. But I should talk about our trip first. We flew from Calgary to Los Angeles on Oct 30, and everything went smoothly. However, when we arrived in LAX, we found out that our flight to Fiji had been delayed 3 hours (on top of an 8 hour layover), and that we couldn’t check our bags for another 5ish hours. So fun times at the airport all around! We started our new season of 30 Rock (pretty funny, Tina Fey looks better with glasses, she makes us laugh), played some computer games, and sat around. Finally it was time to fly, and that all went smoothly.

This is everything for the next little bit!

Our first resort was right on the water with a big open air lobby that birds could fly in and out of. We soon discovered some other friends staying in our room, which was a little creepy but we got (kind of) used to. At the resort, we got to try snorkelling, which I was not too successful at. We also took a trip to the 7th nicest beach in world at Natadola, which was gorgeous! Everything you think of when you think Fiji.

Club Fiji Resort


We also spent a morning in Nadi, which was very busy and crowded. We saw a Hindu temple, and did some shopping.

Next up, a day trip to one of the islands. We went to South Sea Island, which was just a teeny island, we could walk around it in 3 minutes. We went on an underwater submarine, went kayaking, swimming and snorkelling (I finally learned and know really love snorkelling), had a BBQ and saw some Fijian singers and dancers. It was a good day in the sun!

Our little island - South Sea

That night was Diwali, so there were fireworks going off constantly. I added a new goal to my life list: light a firework.

The next day we moved to our second hotel, the Westin which was fabulous. We walked to the Hard Rock Cafe that night and enjoyed some fantastic burgers.

Dinner and where it came from

The rest of our time was pretty much spent at the beach or pool, with another trip to the Hard Rock! Fiji was gorgeous and we really enjoyed it. However, if we were to go back, we would stay out on one of the islands, or spend a few days doing a cruise out there or something. Staying on the main island, you miss some of the nicest beaches. However it was still very nice and more affordable. So a mix might be ideal! Just some tips.

More pictures are on Picasa, and maybe eventually on Facebook. Vinaka (thank you)!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Beautiful pics - looks like a great place to truly relax!

Geralis said...

It was very nice, we enjoyed it a lot!