Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News: Good and Bad

Wow, it's been awhile! We have been struggling with our (Erin's) computer which has made keeping this site up a bit more challenging. Hopefully it is fixed soon and all our pictures are okay. Scary.

However, we do have some good news: we are employed! Yay! We are phone fundraising, both of us. Now stop laughing, we know. But this is a very important job, many non-profits are counting on us :) I know I thought we were done with the call centres. Interesting fact: I was very excited when Andrew came and worked at the phone survey company I worked at in the summer of 2004. However he found a "better" job soon enough so I outlasted him there. By a bit to say the least.

We are very thankful to have found jobs and in talking to people at work it sounds like the have had a lot of trouble finding anything, which made us feel a lot better. So now the fun is over for awhile because we are working? Think again! We get two and a half weeks off over Christmas, starting in two days so we are heading south! Hooray!

And we have added two people to our crew; Erin and Jen (my sister and her friend) joined us on Monday. It's been good to see them and hear about their adventures. Our place is not large, but we all manage to fit.

We have had a travel issue: Andrew has lost his wallet or it was stolen. We've been hoping it would turn up, but it seems that is not happening. We did cancel all the cards before anything happend, but it sucks especially that his license is gone. Good thing I can drive!

So some good, some bad, I guess that's life. We are very excited to go South and share more adventures with you!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - so good to see an update! So glad you found work, so sad Andrew lost his wallet - what a drag.
Enjoy the travelling - and say hi to Erin for me.
Take very good care so far away,